My Life Will Be Different As I know it.

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    After 30 plus years being in the moving (trucking bizz) running coast to coast I got about $15,000 stoled from me for the service I gave last month (working for united van lines) and that was enough to pee me off to no end… I took back the trl and told them to stick it(aug 3rd). Got my truck washed,came home and took all my stuff out,clean the inside real good and took it to the local keworth dealer and told them to sell it or tell the bank to stick it. I get a phone call 24 hrs latter telling me a guy put some money down on it and from what I understand he will be picking it up tomorrow. I sure in the heck hope so. In the mean time I go looking for a local job which I did a interview this morning which I thought went pretty good. I go home and two hours latter they call wanting to know if I would come back in at in the morning to do another interview? I think that might mean I have a job? Never count your chickens before they hatch but it’s a good sign. Thanks For Hearing Me Out..

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