My first shot at white…Not what I’d hoped for

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    I have some ATV parts I want to do in white. So I ordered some P365 Pearlescent white and P365 clear starlight to play with. I took an old disk drive panel, did all the proper prepping. Shot it, which It didn’t look too thick to me, but I’m a newb what do I know. I know for sure its not under cured, cuz I threw it back in the oven for 30 min. @400 to see what would happen.
    Came out like crap, so I just shot the clear on it to see if it would flow out any better. I’m hoping you powder wizards can give me some advice on how I could screw up this bad. I ground off the powder in spots to show thickness. Sorry for the pic quality, but in bright light the Starlight clear hides the OP.

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