My First Resto/Custom 79 El Camino

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    I am pretty new to the Restoration/Custom car world, although I do have a good bit of experance in mechanical work. Anyway, my first project is going to be my ’79 El Camino SS. My uncle passed away a few years ago and this september I inherited this car from him. He was quite the car collector, although all of the cars need a good bit of work.

    The El Camino is probably in the best shape of the bunch, it runs and is pretty much rest free except for the floor. I patched several little holes on it and RE’d the whole floor, then rolled on some gator guard II. Made a nice repair. The rest of the car is in great shape, only 2 or 3 spots of surface rust, no bondo and no big dents. My plans include a Choo Choo custom nose(like the ones on a Monte SS), rear roll pan and cowl induction hood. All of this with Chrysler Inferno Red pearl and silver Rally Stripes.

    My Brother got his 1961 Mercury Comet. It is completely original, white with red and white delux interior 2 door. It is in really good shape, a few small rust holes, and the front hood lip has some rust. the drivers side fender was wrecked but we found a NOS fender at Carlisle this fall. He is going to keep it factory. If anyone knows of a place to find a hood for it let me know 60-63 had the same hood.

    My Dad got my uncles prize car. A 1959 Caddy Convertible Series 62. It was restored in the early 80’s but has sat since 87. It is still solid but needs everything redone on it. New paint, interior, brakes, suspention, eengine work and tranny work.

    I hope that we can do my uncle proud with all his cars. I know he wanted to restore them but with his failing health the last 10 years or so he never got to them. I plan on posting some pics as soon as I figure out how and get a place to host them. And I plan on asking alot of questions along the way.

    DSC00114.jpg DSC00051.sized.jpg DSC00115.sized.jpg

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