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    So i started my first project a couple days ago, a valve cover, and it was going along pretty well. But then I ran into some snags and didnt know what to do nor could I find answers anywhere. My first problem came after putting the tripoli on. Basically what I couldnt find after looking everywhere was if you have to buff to tripoli off before putting the white rouge on. This may seem like common sense but nowhere did I see that this step was to be taken. I assumed it had to be so I did, and I went on to put on white rouge. Now after buffing that out, the edges along the valve cover are sweet looking. But the top looks like theres still stuff on it that wont buff out. Did i maybe put too much tripoli on? I dont have any professional tools, i’m doing this all with a dremel. I had some buffing wheels but I ran out, so I might run back to the store and try getting the leftover “stuff” off with some clean wheels. I should have taken pictures to show you what I was talking about. It basically just looks like theres still stuff on it but none of it was coming off and it wasnt coming to a shine. The wheel i was using was pretty “dirty” and I didnt have a new one but even using it along the edges they shined up nicely so I don’t get it. Anyone have some information that could be helpful would be great. Thanks!

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