My first Powdercoate Pieces!! pictures.

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    After spending much of the night in the shop last night building a booth (3am ish) I went in and finished the final touches around lunch today, then like everyone, it was time to wear the new off all my newly aquired equipment, so here’s my first 2 pieces, set of old valve covers, one I done in EW wrinkle black, the other in EW high gloss black, the high gloss cover was very pitted and you can see some of it in the pictures, but I wasn’t concerned about perfection, just getting my feet wet, and I have to say, OMG I wish I had purchased my kit a long time ago, I’m still grinning from ear to ear, can’t wait to get more colors and get samples done up !Here’s the pictures:
    Eastwood Black Wrinkle
    good picture of my booth I built last night
    Eastwood Gloss Black
    Side by Side

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