my first do-over

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    marty b

    first off ive got to say this is a great site and you guys sure do help alot.
    i took on a job of 3 seat pans and when the customer brought them to me they were blasted and looked ready( i know better now) so i proceeded to hang, used a hand torch to blast the fuzzies, and began to coat, well 2 of them took great and on the 3rd one it had a spot that didnt take to good, so i wiped it off a few times and finally it covered.
    well when i took it out of the oven it wasnt to my satisfaction so ive spent several hours today trying to figure out how to remove the powder coating.

    this is what i tried-
    aircraft stripper-it broke it down but not very good so i took my hand torch with mapp(yellow)gas and torched it til the powder bubbled, this seemed to be the best method break down the PC.
    i started to sand blast before i quit for the evening and it looks like its gonna come right off.
    im definitly gonna get some B11 or some other stripper in case this happens again.
    i know i made the mistake of not whiping the parts down so live and learn plus i think ill hit all the items that i do in the blast cabinet even if their already prepped.
    anyway……thought id share the story and maybe let people know that the torch seemd to work good.

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