My air compressor crapped out on me

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    I was sandblasting a bunch of parts yesterday and it worked great all day long…

    Today… I went turned it on for 2-3 minutes and it shut off… didn’t make any noise.. made great pressure until 70psi and just shut off as if the switch told it to shut off… now i turn the switch and it just clicks and the light bulb that’s on the same line just dimms a little and nothing… no noise no attempt to spin nothing….

    any thoughts… it’s a fairly new compressor with about 12 hours of run time on approximately… got it about 3 months ago.

    LoL just pulling that link I realized they charged me $100 more 3 months ago…

    Well if anyone has any suggestions.. it’s runs on 220 and i had the line wired up for me.


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