My ’95 240SX restoration project

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    Hey guys, new member here. I’ve been working on my ’95 240SX for the last 8 months, thought i’d share it with you guys 🙂

    First picture I have from my car back in 2005

    Here it is before I ripped it apart last october.

    The body is a canadian body, which has seen a few winters before I bought it. The chassis currently has 280423KMs (roughtly 175k miles)

    I’ve been owning that car for over 6 years now. I’ve bought it october 31st of 2005 and i’ve been playing with it since then. I first started by doing general maintenance (brakes, suspension, etc) and 4 years ago I pieced a RB20DET engine swap (that came standard in the JDM Nissan Skylines GTS-T from 89 to 92) that I put in myself with my buddies. To make a long story short, I got into drifting and started attending the local amateur drift days.


    Drifting can get tough on cars, which was my case this year. After a few events, I got into a few items that I wanted to sort out before I can bring the car out on the roads again.

    My from sway bar came rubbing on my oil pan, causing it to crack…

    Blew an engine mount

    But more importantly… following my last event in october the engine didn’t liked what I had did to it and decided it had enough. Melted the #1 piston and the rear turbo seal. No need to tell you guys that it was smoking like hell.

    On the chassis side of things, I knew I had to do something about it… 175k miles of canadian roads love can do some major damage to a car…

    So my driver side rocker looked like this :

    I also knew I had a few holes in the floor panels here and there that I needed to take care of… hell I didn’t knew what I was getting myself into….

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