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Posted: April 5, 2013 By: gallogiro

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    Hi guys, my name is Reyes Carrillo from Fontana CA. im new on this forum but been buying from eastwood for years. Just recently found out the site had a forum so i was quick to join. This is one of the cars im currently building, its my 1959 Chevrolet Impala 2 door sport coupe complete project restoration. I am currently way ahead in the build, about 80% done but will take you on a trip down the road to its current state. enjoy 😎

    Back in May 2011 i set off to find my dream car a 1959 Impala. i didnt have the money to buy a finished one, they were going for over $45,000 stock here in California so i decided to find one i could build over the years and ran into this listing

    8 thousand dollars and a week later…





    Everyone on my street laughed at it, some cringed, called it a basket case. To me it was beautiful. I saw it for what it could be not what it was. Others thought was so ugly that even though it got delivered at my home i couldnt even bring it home and had to roll it down the street to my buddies house because i knew my girlfriend at the time was going to give me hell for it. So i took it to a buddies house to clean it up a bit and make it more presentable before i delivered the good news




    went to bed that night, couldnt even sleep i was so excited. That night i thought of the perfect name for my new car, “Christine”, because i had the same love at first sight for my new rusty car as arnie did when he first saw the beat up 58 plymouth fury sitting abandoned in that back yard and nobody could believe wed want it. That and because i am sure had my girl been home when it was delivered i would have had the exact same scene “youre not keeping that piece of junk here!” so the name fit perfectly =)

    woke up in the morning, got a better look at my new baby in the daylight. I was defenitely up for a challenge






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