Multipule Coats of Clear?

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    Sho Nuff

    I have a motorcycle gas tank I’m coating and was wanting some advice on applying additional coats of clear. The welded seam of the tank was filled with lab metal and two coats of primer were applied, a coat of silver, and one coat of clear. The clear looks great but I can stll see a little “waviness” in the finish where the Lab Metal was applied. I was hoping to be able to wet sand with 1200 paper and recoat with clear to hopefully reduce the wavy appearence at the seam of the tank. Similar to block sanding an automotive clear. The finish looks great right now, has a great shine with no visible orange peel. I’m concerned adding more coats of clear will give a hazy appearence. Any help would be great.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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