Motorhome paint renovation

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    I’m considering painting my motorhome myself using the single-stage urethane paint and a clear coat. The MH is a ’96 Winnebago Adventurer without any body damage; only faded paint. I’ll use a color similar to the existing color. The body is laminated fiberglass with very little metal. The bottom 30 inches around the entire vehicle is a metallic gray and the upper part is a light tan.

    My questions are:

    Do you have anyone that’s done this kind of project before and any pictures available?

    Will the Urethane paint stick to the existing paint, or will I have to prime the entire vehicle?

    How does the single-stage urethane adhere to the fiberglass panel exterior?

    What advice do you have?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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