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    Just finished some spoke wheels for my bike.I’m replacing my solid wheels with spokes. I bought some spoked wheels off ebay and completly disassembled them. The rims and hubs were degreased then I put them in the oven at 425 to see if the chrome would hold up. The chrome did hold up fine, let them cool, then media blasted them.I then sprayed them down with acetone, blew dry and coated. The color is Columbia Ruby Red and clear coated with Eastwood gloss. Two problems I had were: I dropped one wheel as I was taking it out of the oven and it landed on the heating element and melted into the color coat. I had to wetsand it smooth and recoated. The other problem was clear coating the rear hub. It has two flanges on it for a rotor and a belt drive pulley.I could’nt see the clear building up betwween the flange and hub ( its a very tight area) and got a real heavy coat of clear that actually dripped out of two spoke holes. I sanded around the spoke holes where it dripped. Anyway I think they turned out great.I had a bike shop lace them and mount some gangster whitewalls. I’ve learned alot from you guys on this forum and thought I’d post a how I dunit .Thanks Jim

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