Motorcycle paint process

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    Ok so at this point I have removed my fenders, gas tank and fairing from my Harley I’ve also stripped to bare metal both fenders . My gas tank is brand new so I’ve sealed it as well as cleaned and sanded all the way up to 400 the fairing is plastic and came primed from Harley so I figured I would shoot the metal with a couple coats of epoxy primer then do the little filler work I have to do then reduce the epoxy down to a sealer and spray them and apply the basecoat as for the plastic fairing I believe I should remove the primer as I’m pretty sure it’s waterborne and this is where I get stuck I have already purchased all materials as far as paint and clear and the primer so there is no turning back lol but I would really appreciate some help and tips or pointers please this will be my first “real” paint job and I would like to do it right so I’m all ears thanks

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