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    First off, many thanks to Kevin and Eastwood for staging these events. I’ve seen both of them at this point and they are packed with good information.

    That said, may I ask whether it will be possible to download these once the live portion is over? I’m having trouble streaming with Ustream– they buffer almost nothing and as a result I get about 2 minutes of video before it starts jittering– pausing and picking up a few seconds later. And I have decent DSL at home so throughput shouldn’t be a problem. (I can watch hour long youtube videos with no trouble at all for instance.)

    As to the latest show, I notice that Kevin recommends a 1.4 tip for basecoats and 1.3 for clear, with 1.2 an acceptable alternative on the latter– which is good, since my Concours isn’t available with a 1.3 tip.

    What about waterborne base? Should that get 1.4, or can it go 1.2? My understanding is that it’s thinner than urethane base so a smaller tip should be ok….

    When spraying primers, epoxy or primer surfacer/filler, how vital is a forced air-supply? I realize a NIOSH mask is a minimum but is ok to rely on that when shooting primers? Or are they packed with isocyanates like urethane basecoat? Finally, what is the product # of the charcoal activated NIOSH mask Kevin showed in the livestream?

    Thanks again for doing these shows. If suggestions are being taken I’d love to see more shows on applying body filler, how to layer it and how to mix and spread it without pinholes, and tips on applying in tight corners or on pillars. I am absolutely horrible at this for some reason, even after going over the paintucation DVDs (I have all of them except Extreme Detailing.)

    Also, maybe a portion of one of the shows could demonstrate gun cleanup in more detail– it’s a vital part of any paintjob. The percolation method shown in the last video was very interesting but I’d like to know what else Kevin does when a paint job is over, whether the entire gun is broken down and scrubbed, how many shop towels are used, etc.

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