Mixing Polish and Powder Process

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    say that 5 times fast….

    Kind of a silly question. Just need some reassurance. Here is a photoshop of a wheel. A friend of mine owns. The goal for the wheel is to have the lips polished. As well as the inside surfaces of the spokes. Which this photo does not illustrate. The facr of the spokes would be powder coated black (as shown). As well as the blots.


    Would this timeline make sense?

    1) strip all paint (chemical)
    2) Polish aluminum
    3) outgas
    4) powder coat the black area
    5) Clear powder

    I know it would probably make more sense to polish, after we outgas, but the polisher and the powder coater are two different people. Will the outgassing ruin the polished finish? I assume the shine will be gone, but the surface would be the same. Polishing aluminum is really just making it baby butt smooth, so, it would have to be chemically prepped for powder coating, as opposed to blasting, which would ruin the polish.

    Sorry if this is confusing. If someone has a better idea, let me know..



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