Mixing colors on paint?

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    Forgive the newbie question, but I searched the archives and got page after page of posts on powdercoating, which is of no interest to me.

    I have a 1978 Grand Marquis I am restoring. Yeah, I know, it’s worthless as a collector car, but it has history to me that gives it sentimental value.

    It needs a complete paint job. The original color is what Ford called light jade green. Eastwood single stage urethane looks like the perfect product for my budget and (novice) skill level. (Everyone had to start somewhere). Problem is, none of the greens are anywhere close to what I have.

    Is there any reason I can’t buy the euro green, and some shade of white, and play around with different ratios until I get the pale green I want? I know it won’t be an exact match, but I’m repainting the entire car anyway, so I’ll settle for “close enough.”

    Is there anywhere I can get info on ratios of white vs dark green to get me in the neighborhood, or do I just experiment with a few cups at a time on a piece of scrap metal until I hit what I’m looking for?


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