Mini Powder Vacuum

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    I will be offering this kit in 4 stages. The first will be the standard kit with the setup shown to the left in pic #1, it will come with all the fittings in pic #2. The other kits get upgrades of quick disconnects and higher end gun. Just turn on your shop vac and pop the cap over the end of the hose and you have a mini vac for sucking powder out of letters. I have had powder build up in the bottom of a wheel when shooting causing a big drift of powder that needs to be blown off creating a whole section that needs to be reshot. This item will allow you to suck the excess away with a very small hose.
    Pricing will be as follows:
    Standard kit: $25.00
    Standard kit with high end gun: $28.00
    Standard kit with Quick Disconnect: $30.00
    Deluxe kit with high end gun and quick disconnect: $33.00



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