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    I was wondering if buffing parts with a die grinder and the buffs your offer to fit on 1/4 shaft is a good ideal ? I’m going to work on manifold, wheels, valve covers and I dont think that a buff motor would be the best to do this kind of jobs except with flexible shaft the is almost more expensive than the motor itselft! So that why I was considering working with a die grinder and facer buffs, mini buff and cone buff for detailled work. My question is, will I get the same results as if I was using a electric motor even if I cant have all the types of buffs like spiral, loose, sisal, etc ? My second question, is it possible to regulate the speed of your mini die grinder or will I have to allway try guessing if it’s around 3600 RPM like the motors ? Because the max RPM ( 20000 ) of the die grinder could possibly damage my buffs right ? I know that I’m asking a lot of things but you guys allways seem the have all the answers I need anyway 😉

    Thanks a lot!

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