Mini Desiccants

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    Just thought I would throw this out there for anyone interested. I use the mini desiccant dryers in my airline going to my powder gun controller. The ones that cost around $10 each. They do work well, but they are fairly expensive considering I have to change mine out about every week. It goes bad even when there is no air on the line and I guess that is one way of telling just how much moisture is in the shop. Anyway I now dry them out and reuse them. I don`t know if there is anything wrong with drying and reuseing, but I have not had any problems yet and it saves a good bit of cash. I have a 12″ piece of 3/8″ pipe that I screw into the end of the dryer. The other end of the pipe has my quick disconnect on it that I hook to my air hose. I use a torch with mapp gass in it to heat the pipe in the middle. Then I start letting air threw. The more air you let threw the harder it is to heat the pipe so you have to regulate it. As I am doing that I feel the air coming out the other end of the mini dryer and that lets me know how much to heat the pipe. As I am doing all of that I watch the pink desiccant turn to blue in the dryer. Once completely blue I stop heating the pipe and let the air cool everthing off and I`m done. Only takes about 5 minutes. Just though i would help somebody save some duckets!!!!

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