Mineral Spirits lifting primer

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    I am about to paint a spoiler which had crazing clearcoat and fix some parts that had clearcoat chipping from bird droppings. I am a novice with automotive painting.

    I was going to just go with Duplicolor lacquor and clear until later on finding out it won’t hold up to chemicals like gasoline or sunlight well, I was then going to go with Duplicolor enamel and then Spraymax/Eastwood 2K aerosol spray can clear which I heard some people doing and having decent results. I originally sprayed the spoiler with Duplicolor lac, then sprayed the black Duplicolor automotive primer series over it after reading lac no good and sprayed a coat of the black Duplicolor enamel. When I contacted the seller of 2K clear they said they have heard of bad reactions from spraying 2K clear over Duplicolor enamel(said Rustoleum would probably be safer), beautiful:mad:, back to square one. He said the safest bet was use a urethane basecoat mixed aerosol spray then 2K clear over the basecoat but of course said spraying urethane over enamel, especially Duplicolor is probably not a good idea and could lead to problems. He said you probably want to use a epoxy sealer over the enamel(which I did not want to do/spend the money on as this is starting to cost as much as just having a shop do it) or he said you should be able to use the Duplicolor black spray primer and then spray the 1K mixed spray basecoat over it. I got the aerosol basecoat spray(PPG 95100) and 2K clear. I spray primed all the parts I was going to paint and let it dry, sanded with 600grit, cleaned with alcohol, then mineral spirits to prep it and what do you know the mineral spirits took up some of the primer where I put the mineral spirits on thicker and rubbed a little harder.

    My question now is, is the Duplicolor automotive spray primer going to have a negative reaction with the basecoat(PPG 95100) spray if mineral spirits is taking some of it up where I applied it a little heavier or will it be fine? I guess using mineral spirits for cleaning/prep was not a good idea which I heard people recommend but also say don’t use it. I keep getting 10 different answers from 10 different people, this project is turning into a nightmare, spent(wasted) way too much time and money on it. What are my other options if the primer is no good to have on it before I spray a basecoat, epoxy sealer, what is a decent one I can source locally.

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