Mig175 metal liner blocking gas ports HELP !!

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    I was putting in a new roll of wire today and noticed that the metal sleeve is blocking the holes the sheilding gas flows from. I have been having issues getting decent welds for awhile too..i’ve tried everything…more amps, less amps, faster wire feed and slower feed speed to no avail…now I am thinking it’s due to issuficiant sheilding..I tried shoving it down below the holes but it just pops back up and when it does stay down the second you trigger the gun it goes right back up and blocks the holes. I have a weekend of welding to do and need to know ASAP if this is fixable. Can I disconnect the gun from the unit and pull the metal liner back ? Does the gun come apart so I can trim the metal ? HELP !! Ran through a 40cf tank and if I got 3 decent welds, I got a lot.

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