Mig175 Gas issue….again.

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    Have had my Mig175 for about a year and now it works great about 75% of the time..had an issue with gas flow and they replaced the regulator..that worked for a while but now I have to crank the flow well over 40cfh to get any kind of coverage and even then it’s not consistant..my welds have ZERO consistancy and most end up with large amounts of porosity. It’s beyond fustraighting trying to stitch weld panels together when you have to grind half the welds out and pray the gas actually flows. I can hear the solonoid click and it sounds like gas is flowing, but can’t feel it at tip..I have trimmed the liner back a few times when I notice it covers the difussers ports and that hasn’t helped.

    Help ! I need this to make proper welds like yesterday !!

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