MIG135 – Using wire sizes other than standard 0.023in & 0.030in

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    The specs state:

    Wire Type & Diameter:

    Solid 0.023-0.030in (0.6-0.8mm)
    Stainless 0.023-0.030in (0.6-0.8mm)
    Flux Cored 0.030-0.035in (0.8-0.9mm)

    It does not state which sizes use the 0.6mm and which use the 0.8mm Drive Roller grooves.

    It seems obvious to use the 0.8mm groove for sizes up to 0.035in but where is the changeover between 0.023-0.030in?

    Also, can an 0.035in solid be used? Pros/cons vs 0.030in?

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