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    I would like others to share their experiences on mig welding with procedures, welders and gases. I have found myself interested after being involved in another post which had me doing some research which had some of my personal idea’s, practical experiences and research in question. This post is not to discredit anyone but rather to help others learn and understand mig welding and it different uses. As I believe that mig welding is not easier than arc but rather a different form or way of welding which requires different disciplines. I see mig welding as a more productive way of welding with in their designed areas.

    I know there are people using mig welders and are not getting the full potential of their welder and may not be welding correctly at all. So let’s clear the air and see what we can do.

    My history
    I am a third class Power Engineer and own a small business in which I do small and medium welding jobs. I have over to twenty years experience with welding. I started with arc and moved to mig close to 15 years ago. I still arc weld but prefer mig as it is more suited to the work I do and its productivity is higher. I have taken a few short courses on welding and worked allot with several journeymen welders over the years. My uncle is a journeymen welder and has welded most of his life. He is the one that got me into welding. I have an old linde arc welder, a 130 amp miller mig, and a harbor freight tig welder. I also use a Lincoln SP 135 and SP175 mig at one of my jobs which I use frequently. I use CO2 on all the mig welders and have use C25 when welding sheet. I use pure argon on the tig welder which I bought just to play with and learn. I use 7018 rods and sometimes 6011 for root passes.

    So now lets se what we can do.

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