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    I have purchased a Mig welding system without the gas shield accessory. As my log in name suggests I have a 40 ford panel truck. In repairing some of the sheet metal, I have found that the sheet metal is almost impossible to weld below 20 gauge. The guide in the lid says that the shield gas will allow it to go down to the 22 gauge thickness, but I am wondering if I am asking this unit to perform at a level it will never be satisfactory for this type of weld. The good side is it runs off of standard house current, I don’t recall seeing tig welders with this option, and of course there is the price difference.

    On a separate note I have several pit holes around the winshield that needs repairing as I have never seen replacement sheet metal for this area. Two questions: 1) On American Hot Rod, one of the miniscule bits of actual information they glean, they said using bronze welding was an acceptable remedy for this issue. Can you elaborate? 2) Street Rodder had a photo of a swap meet in Hersey, PA where they pictured replacement floor and corner posts for a 40 ford pick-up. Does anyone know who this company was?

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