Mig 175 issues

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    Got my welder and set up was easy. Decided to make some practice welds to get use to the gun and everything went real nice. I was welding .120 mild steel. I used the settings as suggested.
    I felt comfortable w/the welder and decided to get to work repairing a floor board in my car. I set the welder at the suggested setting. Nothing. Just a tiny spark, small amount of splatter and no feed from the gun. Thought maybe I had a ground issue so I got out the angle grinder cleaned off where I had the ground set and also cleaned the area to be welded again just to make sure I wouldnt have any trouble, still nothing.
    Check the welder, gas is on, wire feeds as long as I’m not trying to weld, settings are correct. Changed settings to what I used on the .120 mild steel and tried to weld. The welder works but this is way to much voltage for 20ga and I get blow outs. Put the voltage to recommended setting and nothing. I can not get this welder to work on a lower voltage that setting E.
    I go back to may practice metal set the welder at Voltage E, Speed 6 and everything is fine. Figured I would play w/voltage and speed settings just to see whats happening and if I move the setting to less than E it will not work.
    Called my cousin had him bring over his Miller 170 and had no problems. Used the same ground location and could adjust voltage and wire feed any direction I needed.
    Not real happy right now. Was all excited to get my own welder and I cant get it to work. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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