Mig 175 gas usage/internal leak ??

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    Posted this in my other thread about the metal liner but got no responce…so here it is as a stand alone question.

    Cutting back the liner fixed the other issue. But I started with a full 40cf tank that read around 1600, total weld time of no more than 30 mins and now I have 700cf left ?? I never went about 14-18 on the feed, sprayed the regulator and lines with soapy water and see no visable leak, but by my calculations I should have a lot more gas left than 700cf. The tank is brand new with no leaks either. Can there be an internal leak ? Or is the regulator readings inaccurate on the trigger usage side ?? Getting about 40 mins of weld time on a 40cf can’t be right

    Please advise.

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