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    When I received my Mig135 welder, I would put a spool in place, do all the adjustments, turn the wire feed up full and pull the trigger….. the wire would feed very rapidly. Yesterday, I changed to FLUX core wire (.030), changed the feed roller to the proper groove, adjusted the spool carrier to correct tension, turned the feed speed up full, pulled the trigger and the wire fed rapidly,….. for about one second then slowed to a crawl. Thinking the spool was at fault, I changed back to the original spool, changed all the proper items, pulled the trigger, and the wire again fed rapidly for about one second then slowed to a crawl. This would happen no matter what wire speed was set. The spool turns freely, the wire is in the proper groove, it just slows down. Any thoughts? I have a call into tech support but this is saturday and I would like to resolve the problem before monday when they return.
    Thanks for the help


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