mig 135 wire feed problem

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    Wire feed is very sluggish and jerky…not smooth at all making it impossible to lay a good bead. Happens at all speeds and voltage settings. The motorized wheel turns fine, but watching the spool you can see it hesitate and jerk. Tension is good on the spool. When trying to manually feed wire its tough to push through the liner so it seems like its catching somewhere. Alao difficult pullibg wire through. And for what its worth I cannot feed new wire without removing the gun/hose from the unit and push wire through, meaning when its attached to the unit and wire is fed through the rollers it seems like its catching where it feeds into the hose itself, and so I have to disconnect and then manually guide it into the hose…the reattach the hose to the unit. Please help…very frustrated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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