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Posted: May 14, 2016 By: Soccerdommer

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    So I bought this welder and have only used it a handful of times. Went to use it this spring on a project car and there is no wire feed. The drive motor doesn’t turn on and there is no relay click when using trigger on the gun. So I called Eastwood tech support, and the woman told me she was certain it was the drive motor. I asked her if there was any testing I could do to be sure and she said no, she will send out the drive motor. So I received the motor today, replaced and still have a broken welder. I hooked up the old motor to a battery and sure enough, it runs just fine. So I disassembled the gun to check the switch with an ohm meter, checks out ok. So now it’s the weekend, have projects to work on and no tech assistance to call. Anyone have any other tests I can do?




    Did you ever figure out the problem. Mine is doing the exact same thing.





    Same here. The motor doesn’t even try to kick on. I’m suspecting it’s the trigger because the gas valve isn’t tripping either.




    So I dug into mine today and the problem was a torn trigger wire at the base of the gun cable. This is from the cable twisting in its socket. So here’s the setup:

    The trigger in the handle is just a shell. There’s a small switch in side the handle with (in my case) two blue wires soldered to it.

    I went to the base of the gun cable and removed the rubber boot. As I was removing it, I saw a broken wire. I then cut through the electrical tape to find the rest of the wire. So it looks like those blue wires run the length of the gun cable and are then soldered onto other wires that lead to the 4-pin plug. The junction of the plug wire and the switch wire failed due to me not having the gun cable secured tightly enough, allowing it to rotate and stretch the plug wires, forcing a break. A quick solder job set it right. I taped the wires back down, reinstalled the rubber boot, and it tested fine.

    I plan on feeding the wire back through it tomorrow and seeing if I can’t finish up my current weld job.




    Got issues here too,mine has max 2hrs use on it, thats being more than generous. It ran good like a 110 should, wasn’t expecting the industrial balls so it preformed just fine. But the next time using it, it was a completely different machine, i replaced the liner since that’s what it was acting like needed done. Nope still sputters n spits no matter wire speed or amperage, any n all it runs like complete garbage, it’s completely useless. I just been running my old lincoln tombstone from the 50s because I honestly didn’t have time to go through the speel with customer service, thinkin, almost certain it came with a 3yr warranty. So today i look up my order number n I’ll be damned if it doesn’t say 1yr service plan… That’s great. Before i get too upset, i have to look into this further but seen the blog and decided to put my input in. And lets just go with my awesome luck and i do find out im sol n fixing it myself. If anyone has any ideas on what it is, please let me know.. keep in mind I’m a structural industrial welder by trade, so ive checked the tensioner and all that basic stuff, this is internal or something im missing completely, i haven’t hooked it up to gas n done any hard wire just .30 inner shield flux.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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