Mig 135 Story & Happy Ending

Posted: October 31, 2012 By: Kiwi Classics

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    19 months ago I purchased a Eastwood Mig 135 and put many many hours on it!! I found it to be an equal to the name brand welders I’d used in the past and was more than happy with it. After 12 months I felt the welder had more than paid for itself and figured I was into bonus territory given the price of this welder. Well all good things come to an end and after 19 months of hard work she cried enough, some kind of internal electronic failure. I assumed my welder had a 12 month warranty so rang Eastwood wanting to know where I could get the unit repaired locally or if I could send it to them to be repaired. They searched my name, came up with the purchase date and informed me it was still under its 3YEAR Warranty!!! and they will send me out a brand new unit just send the old one back (they even sent me a shipping label to send it back) My new welder arrived a week later!! Now thats what I call a Happy Ending! It really was that simple, at no point did Eastwood try and wiggle out of anything,blame me for mis use,nothing. Thankyou Eastwood, I’m a customer for life now.

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