Mig 135 problem??

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    Ok, got my mig 135 for Christmas. Finally got my 75/25 tank today and set it up. Grabbed some scrap metal to see how she works. Got about 6″ of bead laid down and went to grab another few pieces of scrap to weld up, and nothing… Fan runs, light on switch is on, and fuse in back isn’t blown. Looked in the manual and it says it has an overheat switch that will keep the motor from running until it cools down… It’s 38* outside the unit is cold. Finally get it running again, get about 3-4″ of bead and stops again. Wait 15-20 min and get another 3-4″ of bead… What’s the deal there’s no way it overheats after 3-4″ of welding, the breaker in the back never trips, just simply stops working…

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