Mig 135 not working.

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    Last night my 135 quit working it was acting like it had a weak signal or connection. It had a faint spark when the trigger was pressed but it wouldn’t make an arc. After I did some investigating I found the ground clamp was loose where the lug bolts to itI retightened everything and checked all connections and it was fixed. I fininshed up welding the patch pannel on my car and called it a ight. I went out this morning and the same thing as last night weak connection faint sparking but no arc. I’ve checked and rechecked everything and I’m getting quite frusterated with the situation. I bought this welder to do the project I ‘m working on and I’ve got one 5″x6″ patch left and now this happened. I’m only on my second roll of wire with this welder I’ve had it litterally one month.

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