microscratches when polishing aluminum

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    My post in the buffing forum generated 100+ views, but no replies, so I’ll try my luck here. 😀

    I’m trying to put a mirror shine on aluminum using a 6″ Eastwood loose cotton buff with white rouge turning at 3450 RPM. But no matter what technique I try, the parts always have micro-scratches. I’ve tried light, medium, and high pressure on the wheel, minimal compound, moderate compound, too much compound (bad idea!), frequent wheel raking, less frequent raking, moving the part slowly across the wheel, moving it more rapidly. Nothing has improved the finish. I know the scratches are coming from my final polish step because the scratch direction always matches the way I hold the part against the wheel.

    Now, maybe I’m a slow learner who hasn’t realized that I’m not using the right product. Do I need a flannel wheel with talc? Or can a mirror finish be achieved with the products I have if they are used with better technique? What is the optimal technique?


    HUGE thanks for any help you can give to this frustrated newbie buffer!


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