metal wash or phospate

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    I think this belongs in the Powder section but I am hoping for a fast answer.

    I recently found some rust on some parts I coated about a year ago, the rust was under the powder, not sure how that can happen but this part gets wet when I drive in the rain which we had a lot of this year.

    I did NOT phosphate it prior to coating as I never have done that. I want to recoat it this weekend. What should I do ?

    I have some EW metal wash, will that work as a pre-treatment ?

    or do I have to order some phosphate and wait for it to get here ? If I have to order something I think I would prefer to order Picklex, reading on the web it seems better at rust prevention/pre-treatment, though much more expensive.

    The reason I ask is that in the past EW experts have said Metal Wash is not a PC pre-treatment but it clearly says it is just that on the EW website.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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