Metal prep work; blasting or chemical?

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    I’m going to try and tackle some touching up that the body guy missed while prepping my car (really the body tub) for future painting, e.g., he primed over some surface rust spots, old paint, etc. I’m especially interested in getting the fenders ready for priming (note fenders are removed from the car) I have the options of blasting (I can set up something similar to yard setup seen in another post) or aircraft stripper. I’ve used aircraft stripper in the past but hate the mess and have a hard time keeping it off my skin and cleaning out of crevices/seams in body panels. I’m leaning towards blasting. I have a good bit of experience with small parts in a cabinet but have never attempted anything larger (like fenders). I’m told sand can warp large flat areas. Can anyone lend any sage advise or direct me to any good reference material (webpages and such)?

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