Metal Prep for Powder Coating

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    Mad Chemist

    First of all, first posting but have read quite a bit and have started powder coating recently. I have some basic questions in regards to metal prep prior to powder coating. I am very familiar with the first rule of thumb: cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. My question is more in regards to the use of OxiSolv versus Metal Wash.

    Normally I blast my parts in an industrial hood with plastic media to get down to bare metal. There is usually no trace of rust left.

    1. After cleaning with PRE/acetone a couple of times after blasting is Metal Wash the way to go? And when should OxiSolv be targeted for use?
    2. Oxisolv leaves ZnPhos behind but what does Metal Wash leave behind for metal protection?
    3. Is another wipe with PRE needed after Metal Wash?
    4. From a safety standpoint, is there MSDS’s available for Eastwood products?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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