metal bonding w/o welding

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    Hi guys,
    I have a unique situation. My ’50 F1 was abused by the previous owner. He cut a hole in the roof and installed a sunroof. When I bought the truck, he was nice enough to give me the slug that was saber-sawed out to accommodate the sunroof. I would like to eliminate the sunroof and put the panel back. Both the roof and panel are straight and sound with no rust at all. I no longer have any welding equipment and have more time than money. I wondered if I could use some butt-welding clamps to hold the panel in place, and re-attach it with fiberglass strips or some other such method. The gap is only about 1/16″ and cleanly cut. I am aware that this isn’t the approved method and should get it welded, but no one around here wants to mess with the project. I’ve been a street-rodder for 60 plus years and I can still get around well enough to glass or glue the pieces together and finish the seam. At 75, I just want a grocery-getter not a show vehicle. Any other ideas or suggestions before I get busy?
    olguy (Tony):confused:

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