Metal Blackening System

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    Ok, so I ordered the metal blackening kit. It didn’t come with the sealer solution that I thought it did. The directions say to use the diamond clear over the blackening solution to finish. According to the sealer page on the website it is used to protect from corrosion. Corrosion protection is obviously important to me. So my questions are:

    Should I buy the sealer? (ie will diamond clear be sufficient corrosion protection?)
    At what point in the process do I use the sealer?
    If I use the sealer, do I still use diamond clear?
    What is Detail Blackening Solution and do I need it? (web has no info)
    The directions also reference using black heavy duty anti rust paint for an oem oil finish. Is that better than the sealer? Is it used with the sealer? What do the instructions mean by an “oil finish?”

    I could really use help on this since I’m a nubie to all of this. :confused: Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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