Media blast, now what?

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    Hey guys, I am building my dream 1968 Camaro. Last summer I bought a new subframe and all new up to date suspension components from heidts. We even had the frame powder coated.
    The goal for the Camaro is to be a pro touring not daily but definitely weekly driver. Now that the front end is complete I need to move on to the rear. That will call for mini tubs, 9 inch rear and 4 link. The car has always had rust holes in both rocker and quarter panels which will be replaced. I have poked and prodded through the rest of the body and everything else seems to be solid other than surface rust. It has been garage kept for the 20 years I’ve owned it.
    I am having the entire chassis media blasted to bare metal, inside out top to bottom. Then sealed with epoxy primer? Sealer? I don’t know if there is a difference.
    This is where I need advice. What is the best product/ type of product to use once the car is blasted? I plan on about 6 months of rear fabrication work and body panel replacements. Hopefully less. I also plan to have flat black undercoat and the body finished off aqua blue metallic paint. Does the color of primer/sealer need to be certain color?
    I will not be doing any final body work prep or paint myself, only the blasting and sealer/primer. This is just to keep surface rust away during the 6 months of suspension fabrication and panel replacements. But if at all possible, I also don’t want to have to sand it all off again once it’s ready for final prep/paint. Any and all advice appreciated. David.
    What product or products?
    If it matters, What color?
    How much of it?

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