Mechanically Stripped Frame – How to Paint?

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    I mechanically stripped my frame via sanding, wire wheels, and a needle scaler (for the tight spots.) It’s pretty **** clean, but not perfect. There are plenty of rust pits I’m unable to get to, and tight spots I can’t quite reach. That means there’s still a little rust in spots.

    I’m not sure where to go from here…

    POR-15 : Maybe too clean for that. I read it needs rust to stick to. Problems with peeling when applied to bare metal?

    EW Rust Converter : Same here, I think it needs rust.

    EW Rust Encapsulator : May be good option. Don’t know how it preforms on bare metal. Prime and paint over? What type of primer?

    Chassis Saver : Similar to POR-15 I think. Rust required?

    Self-Etching Primer?

    Some kind of etching product, followed by epoxy paint?

    Maybe even a white vinegar wipe down?…I have seen people suggest this.

    What are your thoughts and opinions on any of these options, or if you have any other suggestions/products that you’ve had success with.
    Thanks for your input.

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