Matching older single stage metallic paint

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    Tony H

    New here. I haven’t done auto painting for many years so maybe someone has some advice. I have a vintage Mercedes coupe that was repainted the original metalic Moss green about 20 years ago. I don’t know what the finish is but it is very hard and extremly glossy. The car has only been uncovered and out of the garage when driven and the paint looks new except for a few areas that need some minor bodywork. Eventually I wll strip the car and repaint it but for now I would just like to paint the areas that need repair.
    Here are my questions:
    When I blend into the original single stage metallic finish with the base/clear what will happen to the original finish when I wet sand up to it? Or is this kind or repair feasible?
    How can I determine what the existing finish is and what kind of incompatibality problems can I expect when matching an older finish? I will do alot more research before I get to that point but this is my starting point.
    The areas that would be repaired would be maybe 8″ square max.

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