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    Another Price Check

    64 Chevy – Both front fender wells,… Trunk and hood hinges…. Entire Dash assembly (top, bottom, and glove box lid, and a couple of other lower dash pieces. Possibly the front radiator support/header. I’d like to add as a seller, the steering column bits that are visible also…. at an extra cost of course.
    Oh,…. and he hasn’t put them on yet, but is purchasing a set of discs for all 4 wheels,…. so he’ll want the rotor hats done too.

    Also a set of 4 22 inch rims, they’re chrome, and he wants the backside done, not the front…. Go figure.

    All this will be done in blue candy (2 layers or more for depth, over silver or chrome) except the inner fenders may be done in Black texture…. Hog Black type stuff.

    I’m guessing I can do alll but the wheels for around $800 Maybe a little less…. The dash is gonna be a handfull of prep. The rest will be pretty straight forward I think. even the wheels will be complete mask of the front. I’m shooting for $300 on the wheels…. should be more, but I think I should offer them as a seperate deal. Keep in mind the multiple coats. That’s a steal on the wheels if you ask me… even if it is just the backside.

    Anyone wanna take a stab at this mess? Customer has Money so that shouldn’t be a show stopper…. Daily driver vehicle too.

    His idea is deep cobalt blue. I’m thinkin maybe get ther with some candy in a couple of coats. I’m gonna shoot some panels for him tommorrow night (after I get the HS02) for his approval.

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