Mass confusion on metal prep and epoxy primers

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    You have;
    51131zca – fast etch and metal prep, the kit is called surface rust prep
    11971zp – after blast, looks like fast etch and metal prep combined and says for blasted or sanded metal
    10041zp – pre-paint prep, looks like pre-prime metal cleaning solvent like prep sol, 3M prep and the others

    Who would ever lay down product on a sand blasted metal surface without sanding it first and then using a cleaning solvent on it? AFter something is sand blasted there is a high liklihood that people wil be putting their greasy dirty hands on it, picking it up or pushing it around which would reqire a cleaning solvent. Does media blasting provide the mechanical tooth needed for primer? Sand I can understand maybe but silicone beads, plastic beads, walnut shells or whatever else they are using now would not. I just don’t understand why you have what seems like so much redundant or same use/overlapping product.

    Regarding the epoxy primers there is;
    50244zp – DTM epoxy primer, “Maintains good color hold-out on steel, aluminum, fiberglass, body fillers”
    12785zp – epoxy primer, “Maintains good color hold-out on steel, aluminum, fiberglass, body fillers”

    The second one listed is a quart but DTM is not in the product name. However, the description of these products is the same or it looks the same to me. They appear to be formulated somewhat different because they use different part number catalysts(or was t hat just because of the volume?). What is the deal? Why don’t all your epoxy primers have DTM in the product description?

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