marine aluminum castings

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    I have a number of aluminum castings that need to be recoated for use in a marine environment. These include Volvo Penta outdrive components, and Perkins diesel engine parts, including heat exchanger housing and oil pan. I am looking for advice on surface preparation, coating method and types, and corrosion prevention. Here is what I plan at this point. Degrease and clean part in an industrial parts washer. Bead blast to remove paint and corrosion. Wash down with muriatic acid to etch and remove residual oxidation. Wash down with demineralized water to remove non neutralized acid, ( a vinegar solution was suggested as an alternative to muriatic acid). Powdercoat with a corrosion inhibiting primer,(zinc chromate based was suggested), then topcoat with powdercoat. Is the powder primer offered by Eastwood suitable for this application? What about conventional paints/ corrosion control to be used in areas where powdercoat cannot be applied due to assembly, sealing surfaces etc. I look forward to hearing your ideas and experiences!

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