Manual Tribo Guns

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    Is anyone on this forum using a professional tribo gun? I was wondering if this type of gun can be used with statically enhanced polyester powders that most places sell. The hobby gun I have has got friction tubes in it, but electricial transformer. It’s as if it borrows a little of both types of guns. I know that tribo guns are supposed to work better with epoxy powders. I guess epoxy powders are more chemical resistant, but don’t handle UV light well. I’ve read that the tribo gun works great on faraday cage effect and is great for doing wheels and other recessed and usual shaped parts. I’ve read that tribo guns give super smooth surface on bikes and coating wheels. A big question for me is if you can use a variety of powders with the tribo gun. I just figured someone on this forum knows quite a bit about tribo guns and their plus and minus’s…John

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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