Make Sure They Fit!

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    Peter K

    Here’s a tech tip one of our “experts” learned the hard way. I won’t use his name, but his initials are RABMOTORSPORTS.

    RAB owns a ’89 Saleen which he is very proud of. He saved his money and bought a set of correct Saleen wheels. The wheels needed cleaning up so RAB spent a considerable amount of time buffing them out. Once he worked out a mirror-like shine, RAB purchased brand new tires to compliment the wheels. Finally, after hours and hours of hard work RAB was ready to mount the new wheels on his pride and joy. He started with the rear wheels and they looked amazing. However when he went to mount the front wheels, RAB realized the upgraded calipers he installed interferred with the fit of the wheels. Needless to say, RAB was fuming mad.

    I asked him what he intended to do. He said, “I’m a car guy, I’ll make them fit. He said he had a few options: 1) put the original brake calipers on, 2) add a spacer, 3) burn the car to the ground.

    The moral of the story (the tech tip) is make sure your wheels fit before spending too much time preping them.

    Below are a couple pictures.

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