Mag Wheels Cleaning

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    I just read the tech article on buffing and polishing mag and aluminum wheels.

    I have a set of mag wheels on my Roadrunner. They are the old US Mag slotted wheels. I bought them back in 1974 and they are what I call the “dull gloss” finish. That is the surface is neither smooth or polished. You can actually see the machining marks made by the lathe used to turn them. They are not the current “alloy” wheels.

    As you might imagine after 30 years they are in a word “dirty”.

    I’m trying to figure out what process/products would be the best to clean them up and restore them to the condition they were new. I’ve tried a couple of spots using the cleaning compound Mother’s puts out as well as the Eagle product that is a fiber with a cleaning compound impregnated in it. While both of them do some degree of cleaning, they still don’t come out looking like the original finish.

    I do have a blasting cabinet, but I’m a little reluctant to use it. Right now it’s loaded with glass beads and I don’t know if that’s appropriate or not. I think a wheel will fit in it, but since the tires haven’t been taken off I’m not real sure about that.

    Any ideas or experiences would be appreciated.

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