Mag Wheel Retoration – stripping and coating

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    Yep I have a set of rare Mahle Gas Burners, an all Magnesium wheel.

    First off I want to strip the current paint off of them with out, using a harsh abrasive. I think the mag will pit and wear easily. So is the EW Powder Coat & Paint Dissolver a good way to go, and safe on Magnesium?

    Two, I want to repaint with the stock silver.
    What is the best primer to use as a base?
    Or should I even paint them, and just powder coat them instead. Mag is notoriously bad for out gassing is it not? Can I even powder-coat a Mag wheel?

    Pictures attached to let you know what a restored wheel looks like, and what I am dealing with in terms of details etc….

    Thanks, Stephen

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