Lower door seam rust

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    Ranchero 67

    Greetings. This can be a great forum. So many questions, so little time!
    Here goes… Nearing the final stages in an extensive body restoration on a 1967 Fairlane Ranchero 500 and the driver’s door is in good shape, except that there is some rust at the bottom seam in the door where the skin crimps over the door frame (along the bottom edge) No rust-through yet, but it is almost impossible to get in there to clean out what’s there to prevent problems in the future. Is it best to use the new rust dissolver product that I have seen listed? Will pouring it into the seams do the trick? If so, what product should be used to permanently seal the area? It is extremely tight and maneuvering in there is difficult. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.
    Good Luck with the site!
    Ranchero 67

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